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Custom Built Amplifier Models

Custom P35


5F1 with 1×8 speaker.



1974X with 1×12 speaker.

5F8-A with 2×12 speakers.

P18 with 1×12 speaker.




5F6-A with 2×12 speakers.


6G8 with 1×15 speaker.

5F6-A (head version).


5G9 with 1×12 speaker (non tremolo).


6G6-A Bass channel with 4×8 speakers.


6G6-A Bass channel (head version).


P35 with 1×12 speaker. 


JTM50 with 1×12 speaker.


5E3 with 1×12 speaker (light aging).


6G6-A Instrument channel with 2x6V6’s. 

P35 with 1×12 speaker and custom Philadelphia Flyers motif.


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